Parenting Challenges

There is no manual for being a parent.

I assume parents do their best with the resources they have at the time.

I’m a mom of two daughters.

When the incredible news that a child will be born is delivered, we often experience a multitude of emotions: unbelievable excitement, incredible responsibility, fear, and an eagerness to bring life into the world.

However, along the parenting journey, there can be a lot of twists and turns and unmet expectations from children and parents. Many challenges come to the surface when those expectations are not met.

As children get older, sometimes they struggle to launch, there’s resistance to getting their driver’s license, there’s hesitancy to move into the work world, and they do not have the same desire to be employed and pay taxes.

There are cultural shifts. There are economic shifts.

Medical needs may arise, and families may need to adjust. There are insurance issues that surface. All of this is difficult for parents and children alike.

Counseling can play a pivotal role in looking at parenting challenges…

… and identifying realistic and achievable goals.

I became a parent 24 years ago to a daughter in the United Kingdom. I must confess that when I delivered her, I thought, “Oh my gosh, how and what am I going to do with this beautiful little girl?”

I was nervous, scared to death, and excited all at the same time. I believe that I can help because I am a parent. I understand. I have had those moments where the responsibility of being a parent is so heavy that I am frozen.

The process that I have used is a step-by-step one. The steps I have kept in my mind from infancy to now when my daughter is in her mid-20s, are the same. Anticipate fluidity. Anticipate change. Anticipate two steps forward and three steps backward.

There is an ebb and flow in parenting. Ideally, as they age, they should be holding more of the rope than we are. There is a need to let go and support their independence and decisions, and one would hopefully see more autonomy.

I see this as effective, as I believe every parent’s goal is to have our children be contributing members of society in several ways – building community, establishing support networks, and assisting the economy in ways they can.

I help clients identify issues through an intake process and ask open-ended questions. I focus on client-centered approaches with realistic expectations. I believe in writing goals down with realistic time frames. I think accountability assists in helping us achieve the goals we identified.

The next step takes a lot of courage.

It takes vulnerability.

But you can have someone on that journey with you if you choose. It is your choice.

When you are ready, I’m here.

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